It’s named as “Hamsa Hand” in the Arabic language. Hamsa means five fingers of one hand. This symbol is known as the hand figure of Hz. Fatma and Hz. Meryem and we can see it on jewelleries, decorations, t-shirts and bags frequently. Hamsa has a significant importance both in Islamic and Jewish world as well as in Northern Africa and Middle East. Even American and European designers use this symbol for their collections with the belief that it will meet the spiritual needs of people. In fact, it’s considered as “power symbol”.


Rumour has it that there is a jeolousy issue behind of this story. One day while Hz. Fatma roasts halva, she sees Hz. Ali with a beautiful handmaiden and then she puts her hands completely in halva, but nothing happens. After that time, the hand of Hz. Fatma is believed to be sacred. According to another belief, while Hz. Meryem gives birth to Hz. İsa, the branch, which she holds, takes the shape of a hand. This is the another reason why Hamsa is regarded as a sacred item.


It’s also believed that this symbol represents wealth and abundance. According to common belief, the eye in the middle of hand acts an amulet which protects people from evil eyes. When it comes to popular culture, the celebrities like Madonna, Britney Spears and Demi Moore use Hamsa as a jewellery. As a speical figure, Hamsa is involved in the national emblem of Algeria. It can take a special place in house decorations as well. People believe that it will bring fruitfulness and abundance, so they hang it on the walls and doors of their houses. In fact, this symbol continues to bring many people around the world together to meet their needs of protection and belief.


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